Monday, February 25, 2013


This last weekend I went to Los Angeles with one of my roommates, Candace and one of her friends to go to a few TV show tapings and do other various fun activities (shop, spend too much money, shop, etc). Even though I spent much more of my savings than I intended, it was one of the most fun vacations that I have ever been on. We went to a taping of Jay Leno and a taping of Chelsea Lately, which was amazing. Then we went to different comedy clubs in the night time. At the Laugh Factory we saw Dane Cook and Chris D'Elia do stand up and, being honest, I don't think I stopped laughing once. I'm so so grateful that we were able to make the trip work. The sunshine was much needed and I got back to Logan rejuvenated and ready to go another few weeks until spring break :)

I wish we could've gotten pictures at the tapings, but they were surprisingly strict about cell phone use. Example: when we were at Jay Leno, the show vehemently informed us that even if we are spotted with our cell phones in our hands they could potentially kick us out. So we followed the directions and turned our phones off and tucked them away. After the show, though, they were taking a while to usher us out. We got relatively good seats, so we were among the last to leave the studio. So rebellious me thought it would be okay to peek inside my purse and check my texts. The phone never left my purse at all, but that did not stop a heavy-set black woman from yelling at me to put away my phone. Oops.

Friday, January 18, 2013

a few things

Oh gosh, I'm not sure what to update you on at this point.

As of December 1st, 2012, I am officially an aunt to a beautiful baby girl. Reese Bennett is absolutely perfect in every way. Zach and Mackenzie are amazing parents and I'm just so happy for them. It's a happy time for our family :) To explain the two sleeping pictures of Candace and me down there - Kenz was in labor throughout the night and into the next morning. We were getting cozy at the hospital. The picture of my dad - he, for some reason that he is fully aware of, is very good with babies and this seems to be Reese's favorite way to be held by him. By the way, if you saw Mackenzie today, you'd have no idea that she just had a baby. She is tiny! I wish I had a picture to compare to this very pregnant picture haha. Isn't Reese cute??? 

I turned 21 - which I actually do not have very many pictures of. We didn't do anything too terribly exciting, but I did get to spend a lot of quality time with my best friends.

For Christmas I got to hang out with my family, which, if you follow this blog even somewhat closely, you know is my favorite thing to do.

My friend Sydney Fletcher, well I guess now Sydney Hansen got married.

 Lucky for us, thanks to a pretty cool dad who went above and beyond to make sure everything was set up, we got to go to the Justin Bieber concert.

For New Years Eve, I went downtown with my roommate Hailey. I've always thought that New Years Eve was a relatively overrated holiday, but we had a lot of fun.

Even though the snow in Logan has not been as it has been in Salt Lake, it has been extraordinarily cold. Ridiculously cold. This is a picture of my friend Maria and me just leaving our last class to see that a blizzard hit while we were inside our freezing building. Walking to the bus was not pleasant.

Last but most definitely not least, one of my best friends got her mission call!! Kacee is going to Leeds, England on May 30th. I'm so so proud of her and very excited for her.

Life is swell <3