Saturday, December 1, 2012


Well, right now I am at the hospital waiting for Mackenzie to have their baby girl. She went into labor at around 6 on Friday night. The last I heard she was only at 3 centimeters, so she has a couple hours left probably. Candace is laying on the bench next to me completely zonked out. I probably should be sleeping, too.

I thought this was as good a time as ever to update y'all on our trip to Arizona! It was such a fun trip. Michael and Megan were both such gracious hosts. Everyone was there and it was really, really fun. I've always felt that with being the oldest of the grandkids that Candace and I have always kinda been on our own little island--not quite adults, but not quite fitting in with the kids either because they're so much younger. But I felt like with this trip especially, all my little cousins aren't so little anymore. It was fun to actually hang out with them. You know? Like I could play with them instead of supervising the playing :) It was really great.

Megan made a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. Seriously, the best turkey I've ever had. We saw a couple movies, took an organized family photo (harder than it seems haha), did a funny trivia game that Michael organized, and even had a fun game night that everyone took part in. I wish I would have taken more pictures during our Minute To Win It night. It was super funny watching some of the adults play the games. At least we have it on video and can watch it the next time we're all together.

I don't know who reads this blog, but I want anyone that does to know how extremely grateful I am for my family. Seriously, each individual is so great and has so many things to teach me. Then as a whole, when we are all together, it is magical. I have been told that I overuse the word magical, so sorry about that. But really, I consider my time with my family so special.

Here are the few pictures that we did manage to capture:

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