Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Happy November everyone! I thought I would do a quick blog post before all the big events that are coming up in the next two months.

A little update...
1. School. Always school first these days. I am reading or writing all the time. With my three literature classes, my one teaching literature class, and my fiction writing class, I swear I always either have my computer (to write essays and stories) or a book that I need to read attached to my hip. Next semester I get to apply to the teaching program, which means that I will have a year and a half left, including student teaching, after next semester. I am SUPER excited about it. Even with my classes this semester, I feel like I am getting closer and closer to doing what I want to do. I feel so fortunate that I have the opportunity to get an education and chase the dreams that I have had since I was little. So I am feeling really good about that.

2. Friends are fabulous. When I graduated from high school I was really sad at first because I thought that my world was suddenly going to get very small; I thought I would lose all of the friends that I had been so close to during high school. I've found that it is actually quite the opposite. I still have the wonderful friends from high school and also have met the cutest girls up here in Logan. I am pretty lucky.

3. Brookie is getting married in ONE WEEK!! Ah. I can't believe it. I'm so excited. I am sure my blog will explode with photos from the big day, so stay tuned.

4. Zach and Mackenzie's little girl is due here in the next couple of weeks. So so exciting. I can't wait to be an aunt and to absolutely spoil the little love.

I guess the common theme with all of those little updates is excitement. I am very excited with the course that life is taking me on. It's exciting growing up :)


Oh, PS, here are some pictures that track my life since the last blog post!

 Watching flag football

Candace, my Grandma Jaz and my dad met me halfway in Ogden and saw Pitch Perfect with me :) So sweet. Love my family!
 Watching conference together...well I guess not watching conference together :)
 Learning Gangnam Style dance haha....so embarrassing
 Hanging with my favorite boys
 Movie night with Nicole!

 Tuachan with the family!
 Bowling with Kim and Kacee
 Bridal shower in Provo
 Movie night with my best friends!
 Pretty weather in Logan
 Lunch time with these cuties
 Uh oh spray tans for Halloween.......

 Fun fun fun Halloween!
 Face painting at a carnival on campus thrown by miss Hailey Megan Thorne
 Had to document our warm walk homes from campus while the sunshine lasted :)
 Uh oh. Wanted everyone to see what I look like when I study I guess haha
 Brookie's pretty invitations

 Brooke's bachelorette party

 U Games with the cute family

 Just playin with my roomies
 Pretty snow in SLC

More playing. Love y'all!