Friday, August 10, 2012


Hi hi hi! So many blog posts recently. I have done so many fun things these past few weeks that I feel like I need to document them. The pictures below are from our cruise. We ported from New Orleans, so we got to tour around the city before we set sail. New Orleans is really cool. None of us had ever been, so we tried to squeeze as many activities as we could in the day and half. We went on a swamp tour and held alligators, walked down Bourbon street, saw various Plantation homes, and toured around where Katrina hit. Then once we set sail, we went to Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. Honestly, it was paradise. In Roatan, we went ziplining through the jungle then went to the beach, which was my favorite part...white sand, blue water, nothin better. In Belize, we really got a feel for the city. We drove about an hour in and then went on an hour boat ride to get to some Mayan Ruins, which were awesome. It was extraordinarily hot though, so that took away from it a little bit. In Cozumel we got to swim with the dolphins and relax on the beach. The dolphins were so cute!! I also went snorkeling. It really was such a fantastic trip. The ship was great...yummy food, comfy rooms, and a big screen TV taking up half the ship that we got to watch the Olympics on every night. It was a perfect week and I am so grateful that I could spend so much time with my family.

It was such a fabulous time. Love y'all!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Family Fun

We loved having our cousins in town for a couple weeks! My favorite part about them being here is having an excuse to hang out with my whole family every single night. Honestly. I feel so lucky that I can truthfully say that I absolutely adore my family, both immediate and extended. Here are a few pictures from the couple of weeks they were here.

These next few pictures are with my favorite girls, Cate and Mary. Such cuties.  I love when I get to babysit them.

These next few pictures are from Christopher's birthday party and then a family dinner. We wanted to document how fully asleep Mary was -- and how flexible she is hahaha look at her in her splits in a dead sleep.

These next few pictures are from when we went to Lagoon. Look how cute Savannah and Cate are together. Cute lil models lovin the camera.

The next picture is from when we went to a drive-in to see Spiderman. So fun!

Love kisses from Savanny

These next few pictures are from when we all went up to the cabin. We were bummed we couldn't stay longer, but I always feel lucky whenever I get to go up there, no matter what the length of time.

I can't wait until all of them are here again during Christmas. I miss them already!
Adios, my friends. Xo Samantha