Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm Alive!

Greetings, greetings. Summer has been so busy! I'm working with my dad at his office and I am taking an online math class. By the way, whoever told me that math 1010 would be easy deserves a firm scolding..... it's embarrassing how much I hate math. Anyway. When I am not at work or doing homework, I am trying to spend as much time as possible with my friends and family, which has in turn led me to neglect this little blog. A picture says a thousand words, right? Well here are my thousands of words describing my last few months.

Even though I am still on team Droid, I have to say that I take a LOT more pictures with my iPhone...

 Wedding crashing with Candy Land, Brooke Edman, Sydney Fletcher and Kacee Patrick
 At "The Ocean" with Brookie and Kacee
 Church time with these two bums
 Jazz game with Nicole Dahn
 Dinner time with some of my loves from Logan
 Yes, that surely is a 911 phonecall. Ask me about it. Funny story. Wildly embarrassing, but funny.
 Uh oh. Sorry about the picture of myself. Wanted to show y'all what I do at work :)
 Nothin better than beach cruisin around my neighborhood on a hot summer night
 Bees game with Megan, Sarah and D.J. -- thanks Meggy!
 Kim, Kacee, Hannah and Brooke
 Dinner at CPK with some friends from Logan - Justin, Chabre, Heather, Hailey and Chase
 80's night!
 So many cool look outs over SLC. Beautiful!
 I sure love Candy.

Not a very good picture of me, but whatevs. This concert was so much fun so I needed to document it somehow. My cute dad took Candace and I to the Pentatonix outdoor concert. Absolutely loved it!
 There she is again. What a cutie.
 BROOKIE GOT ENGAGED!! See y'all on November 20th. So so happy for her.
 Matching sisters
 We love City Creek!
 Porter and Broooke
 Fun at SamN's cabin
 Hailey, Brooke and me
 Me, Bobby, Brooke and Kim
 More fun with my Logan loves, Megan and Sarah
 Bowling with Meggy, Sarah and Tessa

 Dinner at Blue Lemon with Mairead, Brooke, Gabby and Kim. Always fun catching up with friends from high school <3
 KC, Brooke, Gabby, Kim and me at a pool party
 Tennis Club
 Kacee and I are quite the swimmers these days
 Almost forgot. MACKENZIE AND ZACH ARE PREGNANT. November 28th could not come faster!! So happy and excited for Monday to see if they are having a boy or girl.
 Fourth of July fun at the Country Club

 Cute sibling photo - missing Christian 

 Watching Fortune Feimster at Wiseguys was so much fun!

 At the Oakley Rodeo. Crap, these two photos definitely shed light on my height, or lack there of...

Well, there is a short recap on how the last few months have gone. Now at least my mom will have a few pictures to look over. I hope everyone's summers are going fabulously! XO Samantha